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    When you're riding, only the race in which you're riding is important. - Bill Shoemaker

    Whenever you get knocked down in the game of life, immediately get up, get better and get going again. - Greg Hickman

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    Who is sure of their own motives can in confidence advance or retreat. - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

    Why did I want to win? because I didn't want to lose! - Max Schmelling

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Pacquiao’s Last Fight?

The table is set, the pieces are moving, the purses have been calculated and finally the weight has been settled.

On Nov. 14, the man responsible for cleaning up the busy thoroughfares in our country’s streets, allowing pinoys to be “hambog” to wear our pride on our sleeves and getting our military and the MILF and the administration and opposition blocs of Philippine politics to stand on one common ground, will climb the ring once more to face what is supposed to be the toughest test he’ll be taking above the 130lb. levels.

Puerto Rican Pride on the line

Puerto Rican Pride on the line

Manny Pacquiao will take on grizzled Puerto Rico warrior Miguel Cotto in what is shaping up to be the fight of all fights in the vicinity of the 145lb limit.  Previously PacMan declared that he’d never fight above 144lbs while Cotto on the other hand, said it wouldn’t be safe for him to fight below 145lbs.  Heck, any weight wouldn’t be safe for him if it was Pacquiao who’d climb up the ring opposite his side.

Eventually, PacMan agreed to the 145 weight limit.

Pretty lady who pummeled Pacquiao in politics

Pretty lady who pummeled Pacquiao in politics

PacMan reportedly said that this would be his last fight before jumping right into retirement and concentrate on helping the poor people in his province in GenSan.  That’s a milder way of saying he’s going into politics once more, what with 2010 being a National Elections year for the Philippines.  Not the least bit perturbed by his last fray into the world of crocs and controversies (losing to the “young turk in Phil. politics” Darlene Antonino-Custodio in the GenSan Congressional race), PacMan is again throwing his hat into politics.

I have so much respect for PacMan, the Pambansang Kamao, the boxer, who has brought nothing but pride to our country and has almost singlehandedly raised the Filipino standard around the world in recent years with the unstoppable juggernaut he has plowed through the boxing world.  But logic and heart tells me he’s making the wrong move in joining the political bandwagon.  Any guy can tell him he can do more wonders and can help his countrymen more than just becoming a politician.  But unfortunately, the parasites that surround him ARE politicians.  And most often than not, politicians (those greasy types) always feed information that can benefit them more than those whom they share information with.

Hopefully, down the line, Manny will have some sense punched into his head before he loses his sanity and drowns himself in the dirty world of Philippine politics.

THe Arum Smile

THe Arum Smile

The Cotto tiff surely will feed enough moolah into the Pacquiao warchest come 2010.  His last bout featuring the 2-round demolition of Ricky Hatton made not only Pacquiao grin ear-to-ear (with that million dollar smile) but also his promoter, the very outspoken Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotions.  The November bout, I doubt, wouldn’t be any different.

Boxers all over the world are willing to sacrifice life and limb and are even willing to throw in their wives as part of the ante to get a chance to face Pacquiao, who’s obviously shaping up to be top draw when it comes to fight purses around the world.

In Pacquiao’s recent fights, he’s been able to put to bed the careers of three pugilists:  David Diaz (beaten into a bloody pulp but still became a Pacquiao fan), Oscar Dela Hoya (who couldn’t even answer the bell of the next round) and Hatton (who’s trainer even told the world that he thinks its time to hang up the gloves).  I don’t think the next bout will make Cotto think retirement, but sure as hell, he won’t be coming out of this one without his lion’s share of the blacks and the blues.

I just hope this won’t be PacMan’s last.  I firmly believe he still has a year or so left to beat up a few more boxers(Pretty Boy perhaps?).

Will this be his last?  Who knows?


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