• When you're a winner you're always happy, but if you're happy as a loser you'll always be a loser. - Mark Fidrych

    When you're are playing for the national championship, it's not a matter of life or death. Its more important than that. - Duffy Daugherty

    When you're riding, only the race in which you're riding is important. - Bill Shoemaker

    Whenever you get knocked down in the game of life, immediately get up, get better and get going again. - Greg Hickman

    Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest. - Georgia O'Keeffe

    Where you start is not as important as where you finish. - Zig Ziglar

    Whether you be man or woman you will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. - James Allen

    Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right! - Henry Ford

    Who is sure of their own motives can in confidence advance or retreat. - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

    Why did I want to win? because I didn't want to lose! - Max Schmelling

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Boston makes a return trip to the finals

The new Big Three

The new “Big Three” is making a final push for a second championship in three years.

Injuries and age couldn’t stop the Celtics from a chance to redeem themselves after their repeat march was cut short ironically by the same team they eliminated this year, Dwight Howard and the supposed-to-be suped-up Orlando Magic.

Vince Carter

Acquiring Vince Carter in the off-season was perceived to be a plan to ease the scoring chores off Howard and Rashard Lewis.  Instead Carter seems to be well past his prime and is fast becoming a player who has seen the best of his years pass by.

I haven’t been up to date with what’s transpiring in the NBA playoffs nowadays ever since the Bulls got knocked off by the Cavs and the Cavs subsequently got knocked off (despite owning the NBA’s BEST record) by the Celts.  Add to that the media storm that LeBron James’ free agency has been wreaking on the ratings of the playoffs.

The 1976 NBA Finals between the Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics

I have to give Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo and Doc Rivers props.  They’re peaking at the perfect time.  It’s just a matter of who’ll meet them in the Finals.  LA is holding a 3-2 advantage over the Phoenix Suns.  If you ask me, I’d like to see a Suns-Celtics Finals this time.  Since we’re all for nostalgia here, why not relive the 1976 Finals which is considered one of the best Finals series in history, with Game 5 considered by many to be the greatest game in NBA history.

It’s also time to give Steve Nash a chance at the NBA championship.  Hell, the guy’s one of the most resilient little men known not only in basketball, but in sports itself!  The weaker one’s would’ve retreated to locker room if they broke their nose on the floors, but no, not Nash, he goes up and tries to re-align it and pops it back in himself!

Before I became a Bull fan, I followed the Lakers during the showtime years of Magic, Abdul-Jabbar, Worthy and company.  But I find the current Lakers line-up unpalatable for my taste.  I don’t like Kobe Bryant but I don’t hate him.  He’s just being himself, I know.

Nevertheless, whatever happens, the 2010 NBA Finals can still be quite entertaining, will it be a rematch of the 2008 Finals?  Or do we relive nostalgia and see a rematch of the 1976 Finals?

Bring it on!


Chicago lays out the red and black carpet for the King

The Chicago Bulls’ season ended last April 27.

LBJ again fell against the Celts

Their 2010-11 season began when the Boston Celtics defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers last May 13.

Almost immediately after the final buzzer rung during that fateful day in Boston, blogs, columns, news articles suddenly spread like wildfire carrying the story of LeBron James’ impending dance with free agency.

The Bulls, considered a longshot in landing James, due to two factors: what was supposed to be believed his 1st NBA Championship this season (thus projecting him to re-sign with the Cavs) and the 3-year old clamor that New York gets first dibs at him, was suddenly catapulted as the favorite.


Simply because the Bulls had the most championship ready roster to welcome LBJ with open arms.  By a mile, its not a secret that the Bulls has the most complete and competitive roster that could catapult LBJ to his first-ever NBA ring amongst the teams armed with the most cap money.

New York?  Still hasn’t recovered from the Isaiah Thomas fiasco.

Miami? Can he and Wade co-exist?  Wade…and who else?

New Jersey?  No John Wall, no more interest.

LA Clippers?  er…next!

Jordan jubilates while Ehlo prepares to crumple

I’ve been a Chicago fan ever since Michael Jordan buried the Cavaliers’ season with that off-balanced shot that reduced Craig Ehlo into a crumpled mass of despair and this off-season has brought on an air of excitement and anticipation since 1998 when MJ put the moves on Russell and the Utah Jazz to clinch his 6th championship in eight seasons.

With Derrick Rose stamping his class as an All-Star in only his second season and Joakim Noah transforming into a double-double monster, the Bulls have begun to make heads turn their way. They also have Kirk Hinrich developing into the elder statesman that provides the balance and Luol Deng slowly regaining the form that eased Ben Gordon out of Chicago management’s favored eye.

Gibson and Johnson

Add to that the emergence of erstwhile rookies Taj Gibson, who nonchalantly barged into the 2010 T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie team and James Johnson, who I believe will have a breakout season in 2010-11, the Bulls core of players is simply screaming dynasty if Gar Foreman and John Paxson can pull off a coup from this extremely loaded free agency class of 2010.

Teams can’t negotiate with free agents until July 1, dubbed as the day of reckoning or day of new beginnings, depending on which team you belong to, but as early as May 13, the LeBron to Chicago caravan has slowly built up speed and a menacing reputation.

Blogs and sites have slowly begun to sprout and mushroom all around.  The most notable of which is http://www.sendlebrontochicago.com of die-hard Bulls fan AJ Barthold.  Even there are some NBA Team GM’s strongly believe that LBJ will end up in Chicago.

Still, there are some egos in New York who refuse to believe that the Bulls are ahead or even at par with their beloved Knick who supposedly offer “immortality” to LBJ.  Feel the hot air?

Hey, like we say in poker, everyone’s on equal grounds before the flop.

Bottom line, LBJ’s going to get his money.  It’s all now a matter of who can bring him his first championship going through the quickest route.

In as much as how I really want to believe all these speculations as a Bulls fan, I choose to take all this with a grain of salt or else I’ll only end up a crumpled mass of despair like Ehlo.

Shaq wasn't intimidated by Kareem and Mikan's legacy

They say free agents will get intimidated playing for a team in an arena built by Mike.  This didn’t hold true for players such as Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen who play for a team with a much more storied history as a franchise.  This didn’t affect Magic, Shaq or Kobe who played or is playing for the Lakers what with their history.  For pete’s sake!  The guy in the NBA logo played for the Lakers!

So cut the crap about getting intimidated by MJ’s legacy, its just a matter of continuing the legacy not of a player but rather of the franchise.

In my mind, LBJ going to the Bulls will revitalize the NBA in the same way MJ rejuvenated the league when Bird and Magic left it.

With a probable starting line up of Noah, Gibson, LBJ, Hinrich and D-Rose running the show, Windy City will probably turn back time a full 13 years!

One piece away

If GarPax can lock down LBJ, there’s going to be an even bigger chance that the Bulls can reel in another big name player via the sign and trade route.  And that brings up an even more interesting topic.  How would Chris Bosh or Carlos Boozer or Joe Johnson feel teaming up with LBJ, D-Rose and Noah?  One word?  DYNASTY.

So don’t screw this up GarPax, or there’s going to be a lot of guys who’re willing to screw you up if you do.

Go Bulls!

What gives Floyd?

It has come to my personal understanding that newly-minted Philippine Congressman Manny Pacquiao gives ersatz undefeated Floyd Mayweather an extremely bad case of heebie-jeebies.

Floyd’s clinical dismantling of Shane Mosley further fanned the fires of the mega-fight of mega-fights to finally happen.  Add to that the ease our National Fist was able to achieve victory in his second foray into Philippine politics by beating the stuffings out of his opponents on the way to being officially christened as Congressman Manny.

The true pound-for-pound best fighter of the decade, obviously Pacquiao, even finally agreed to allow Olympic style blood testings up to the limit of 14 days prior to fight night which the Mayweather camp was vehemently trying to impose.

Congressman Manny

When we all thought everyone across the globe who were praying to the high heavens to allow the PacMan-Moneyweather fight to happen could breathe a collective sigh of relief and start the celebrations that signal the looming event, Mayweather, once again, decides to throw another monkey wrench into the now smooth and humming engine of Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

What a cream puff.

His camp is reportedly now asking for the Olympic style blood testing to be allowed to be done up until fight night itself.  WTF???

His camp, which was, for several months now, preaching that this is a fight that not only the boxing world is vociferously demanding, but the entire earthly populace itself is drooling to happen, is now doing a U-turn and is presenting a fresh new set of alibis and whining reasons for it NOT to happen.

Aside from that, Mayweather, oversized ego and all, after decisioning both Mosley and Juan Manuel Marquez (winning because of the judges’ scorecards…whoop dee doo), suddenly decides that he should get a bigger purse and not the pre-ordained 50-50 pot (which I personally believe shortchanges Pacquiao).

Wuss fight

Pacquiao, who bulldozed his way through several opponents via stoppages (the Clottey fight was a farce and doesn’t count because it was obvious that the Ghanian was in it for the money and not the win) doesn’t even meddle in the negotiations and just lets his promoter, the ever so eloquent Bob Arum, do the purse fighting for him.  A mark of a true professional.

I’m a Filipino and all you naysayers can say that this blog entry truly is biased, but heck, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that one of these fighters obviously is overflowing of cowardice and whining alibis.

Just when everything seems to be ironed out already, here’s these set of morons once again trying to find reason for the fight not to happen.

If you truly believe that you’re the number one fighter in the world today, why hide behind lame excuses?  The Congressman is ready now, and you’re not anymore?

What gives Floyd??