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It’s official: Blockbuster Mega-fight a no go

After weeks and weeks of speculation and numerous negotiations between the camps, the blockbuster mega-fight between erstwhile pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the man who supplanted him, Filipino Manny Pacquiao is officially thrown out of the window.

Even before they officially announced that negotiations had begun for the two ring superstars to finally meet after Pacquiao pummelled Miguel Cotto in his fight, I already had apprehensions whether Mayweather had the balls to pick a fight with the Filipino world-beater.

After all, Pacquiao took on all of the fighters that Mayweather defeated and one-upped him in virtually every contest.

Golden Boy Promotions and Mayweather are simply frustrated at the rate Pacquiao’s career took off and left them in the proverbial dust.  Its no hidden secret that GBP had long eyed Pacquiao to be part of their stable before Manny became the juggernaut in the ring he is today.  In fact Manny did sign a contract with Oscar Dela Hoya but ended up forging a set-in-stone partnership with Bob Arum and Top Rank Promotions.

When Manny and Dela Hoya had a scheduled fight more than a year ago, Oscar held no punches in interviews that he considered their bout “personal” ever since Manny spurned him.  He should be thankful that Manny still considered him as an “idol” and evidently refused to put his lights out when fight night came.  If you look at video footage, you’d see that Pacquiao would let loose his patented barrage of punches on Dela Hoya and when it became clear that Oscar would buckle, he’d pull back.

Back then, Oscar said that Manny’s punches didn’t hurt but it was his blazing speed and footwork that did him in.  Yeah right.   Couldn’t even stand up to answer the ring of the bell for the 11th.  Didn’t hurt.  Pfft.

Mayweather Sr. has a mouth that could rival all radio jocks all over the world combined.  He could run off words like there was no tomorrow.  Quite an impressive talent if you ask me.  The only flaw there is the lack of wisdom in his words.  He’s been accusing Manny of taking PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs)  without producing any proof for the such.  That is tantamount to defamation.

When it was announced that it would be Pretty Boy who would be the most logical choice as Pacquiao’s next opponent, Mayweather even had the gall of asking for the bigger purse even if Manny was considered hands down the bigger ticket.

Make that as excuse number one for Mayweather in trying to run away from Manny.

When the purse problem was settled and the fight became as certain as night and day, I’m betting his camp was looking for another excuse for him not to fight the man who bulldozed his way up the ranks in professional boxing.

That was when they took off with the doping allegations against Manny, which proved to be the waterloo for the superfight.  Mayweather was asking that Pacquiao, a man who never failed any doping test in his entire career, undergo Olympic-standard dope test that would involved the drawing of blood at any random time prior to the fight.  It could be 30 days, it could be a day before the fight.  What’s certain is Mayweather was asking that blood be drawn from Manny.

Logically, Manny refused.  His last defeat, dealt by Erik Morales, was blamed on the blood test that he was forced to undergo a day prior to the fight.  Naturally, Pacquiao didn’t want to go through that process ever again.

GBP jumped in the bandwagon, and said that they also would endorse the random blood testing on both fighters.  I’m betting they saw the chance to get “revenge” on Pacquiao for the deal that turned south.

Oscar Dela Hoya, a man who I considered a true professional, suddenly backtracked on the words he said after his fight with Pacquiao.  He suddenly issued a statement saying that Pacquiao’s punches felt like those of Sugar Shane Mosley and Fernando Vargas, two fighters who failed in drug testings.

That was ultimately the last straw for Pacquiao who literally grew up from humble beginnings in the Philippines, worked hard on his craft, reached the apex of his career, only to be cast a dark cloud of doubt by baseless accusations.  Bob Arum, also growing tired of the Mayweather’s and GBP’s antics, naturally took the side of his prizefighter and chose to close down negotiations with GBP.

I guess Mayweather finally found the perfect excuse for him not to fight Pacquiao.

The only update for a fight looming between Pacquiao and Mayweather is their scheduled court date after Manny chose to file a lawsuit against Mayweather and GBP for the doping accusations.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll choose to bring along gloves to the court as well.